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    Content Creation


    Content Marketing in Hilton Head Island , Bluffton, SC and Savannah GA

    As the saying goes, ‘Content is King.’ When it comes to digital marketing, content is everything. Your content is what helps your audience decide whether they will buy or interact with your and your product or service.

    Regardless of your industry, your content has to be spot on! It needs to keep the visitor engaged in your page since Google is watching every second and every click. Using all kinds of content is important.  Content is comprised of more than just the written word. I t can consist of:

    Anything that sits on your webpage is content.  It must be relevant to your topic and engaging.

    You have the opportunity to lead your reader to where you want if they have the interest of what you are delivering. Guide them through your sales funnel and use the Call To Action to get your visitor to do something!

    Creating Content Takes A lot of Your Time, Energy, Resources and Effort

    To have Google consider your content as quality, it must be fresh, original and  relevant. You must strive for ART:

    A= Activity
    T= Trust

    Through your content, by having these three criteria, you will have content that matters and enables Google to know you are an authority, deserving to be ranked.

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    Advanced Website Strategies Creates And
    Formats Content for Your Business Saving You Time!

    Although  businesses are able to create their own content, Advanced Website Strategies has a writing team and creates original and relevant content that speaks to your specific target audience.

    We post your content to your website and social media platforms consistently and correctly. This gives you the Google signals you need to rank while giving you the time to do what it is that you do without the worry!

    Let us work on your content creation and give you peace of mind knowing your marketing is spot on!



    If you are debating on content creation and are asking yourself the above question, then it’s time you rethink your marketing strategy. In short, there is no marketing strategy without content creation. You need to be able to tell your story to your audience. So, why exactly should you invest in content creation?

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    Helps in brand building

    Creating content for your brand helps when it comes to building the name of your brand. The content you create can be anything – a blog, a podcast, a social media post, infographics, videos, a webinar, broadcast, etc. There are different types of content that you can create to help in building your brand. Content is everything you put on your web pages and social media..

    Georgia Modern Web Design Company

    People search for content

    If you hear of something new and have no idea what it means, what will you do? Google it! That is the world we live in. Search engines have hundreds of thousands of web pages full of information on almost everything there is to know under the sun. As such, you cannot ignore content.

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    Search engine optimization (SEO)

    The most rewarding investment you can make is in your SEO. This enables you to get free organic traffic to your website, making you a key player in your industry. Search engines only accept high-quality content. Highly relevant, fresh and original content is what sets you apart in your industry and ranks higher with organic searches. In addition, SEO has the best return on kind investment in marketing today.

    Bottom Line

    Your content is the most important online asset for your business.

    Advanced Website Strategies can help your business develop a content strategy that will not only show that you an expert in your field but show Google that you are the authority, thereby bring you higher in rankings.

    Whether you are looking to create videos, blog articles, graphics or social media posts, we the “GO-TO  digital agency for you. With decades of experience in internet marketing, we will help you develop content that speaks to your audience. Advanced Website Strategies are experts with Content Marketing in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC. Reach out to us today or book a free consultation online and we will get in touch with you.

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