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Social Networking is All About Engagement and Interaction

For many people , social networking sites are a way to strengthen personal connections with friends and family, colleagues, or even potential employers.

Beyond personal networking, social networking sites allow your business to engage with potential customers on an individual level. The nature of social network platforms also means that when people interact with your brand, their activity is broadcasted to their own network which means greater (and possibly viral) exposure for you.

Proper Social Networking Promotes Future Sales For Your Business

This increased exposure may not immediately translate into a direct sale for your product or service but it may result into future sales to buyers who have already become familiar with your brand. Whether you are a small business or a bigger business that is already established, social networking sites level the playing field.

You Need To Be On These Social Media Platforms Correctly and Consistently

Facebook – Worldwide, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 15 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook as of 4/27/16)

1.09 billion people log onto Facebook daily as of March 2016, which represents a 16% increase year over year (Source: Facebook as 4/27/16).

There are 1.51 billion mobile active users as of March 2016 (Source: Facebook as of 4/27/16); an increase of 21 percent year-over-year.

Twitter – Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter members  can broadcast tweets and follow other users’ tweets by using multiple platforms and devices. Tweets and replies to tweets can be sent by cell phone text message, desktop client or by posting at Twitter.

  • 316m monthly active users.
  • 500m tweets are sent per day.
  • 80% of Twitter are active users on
  • 77% of Twitter accounts exist outside the U.S.

Twitter supports over 35 languages.

Pinterest –Pinterest has grown into a marketing powerhouse with new features like profile pages, Rich Pins, enhanced search, and Promoted Pins. Now approaching its fifth year, the popular discovery, sharing, and storage tool is a social staple for consumers and brands alike. But despite its success, there are still a lot of things you might not know about the platform.

  • Pinterest has 100 Million active users
  • There are 176 million Pinterest users
  • 85% of Pinterest users are female
  • 30% of all social media users in the United States use Pinterest

LinkedIn 433 million users. LinkedIn is one of the older Social Media sites that has the corner on professional social media network.

  • 35% of users access LinkedIn every day
  • Over 25 million profiles are viewed on LinkedIn daily
  • 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet has a LinkedIn profile
  • 41% access LinkedIn from their mobile device

YouTube – YouTube is the second most viewed website in the world (first is Google and third is Facebook)

  • Number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
  • The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month – 900 million.
  • 10,113 Youtube videos generated over 1 billion views.
  • 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.

Coaches Corner Social Media Tips:

  • Slow,steady and consistent wins the social media race.
  • Repurpose across all of your social media platforms.
  • Always maintain the goal of building your brand and your relationships.
  • Use the same “handle” if possible across your platforms.
  • Address and solve customer problems issues and questions.
  • Don’t be overly promotional and always deliver value.
  • Make effective use of visuals and drive traffic with Calls To Actions (CTA).
  • Make sure to add relevant hashtags and embed high value content across your social media platforms and to your website.(Especially Facebook and Twitter posts)
  • Make sure to write a full profile with a link back to your website on all of the major social media sites; namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Plus.
  • Use automation with the “Siri” of Social Media called Buffer to schedule and disseminate valuable content.
  • Use an optimized video on every social media platform that supports video.

Use the most highly targeted advertisement platform available on the internet. Make sure to post your optimized videos to your Facebook page along with the link to your website.


Use hashtags to group tweets, drive engagement and research. Use to find excellent relevant hashtags.Tweet your top content several times or schedule it for ease. Use Google Alerts along with to assist with continual relevant tweets. Encourage retweets and social sharing using TweetThis (WordPress plug-in).


Convert your account to a business account ( and verify your Pinterest account for trustworthiness. Use only photos, images and infographics that will inspire, show value and give solutions to needs. Create boards and pins that demonstrate pinnacle ideas, themes and concepts in addition to your products and services. Drive repins and web traffic with effective pin descriptions and use a full URL back to your website content. Use videos: Pinterest supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo (USING AN EMBED RATHER THAN A URL for optimization purposes).

LinkedIn :

Filling out the profile page correctly with the correct descriptions are critical with LinkedIn. Make sure to add relevant keywords and your achievements. Use high quality professional images. Add visual content like images, videos, infographics and even Slideshare presentations (LinkedIn owns SlideShare) to showcase your achievements. Have all of the employees of your company join LinkedIn so more links and expose are attached to the company name.

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