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    Website Maintenance in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC

    The maintenance of your website is critically important for many reasons. Not only does your website house the information of the most important asset you own online, but it gives Google and the other search engines all of the signals of authority you may have.

    Keeping your workplace in order and protected is not such an easy task. You may have years of information that have developed through content as well as all of the connections to your website.

    Keep everything safe and organized for your website is one of the areas of expertise by Advanced Website Strategies. We keep the content and forms all functional. We make sure your links are not broken and all in place. We want to keep your photos showing correctly on every page.

    Instead of losing time and having concerns with spammers or hackers, let Advanced Website Strategies take away your concerns about losing information or not having your website functional.

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    1. Back up of Website

    • a. Monthly back-ups
    • b. Back up stored off-site for safety

    2. Software Updates

    • a. WordPress Updates applied
    • b. Evaluate non-critical software to see if they are worth applying

    3. Check Full Site For Errors and Broken Links

    • a. Run link checking software to crawl the complete site to look for broken links that disrupt both users and search engine bots.
    • b. Use Advanced software to identify internal errors.

    4. Site Speed

    • a. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to identify issues that may slow down the website.

    5. Spam Removal

    • a. Review the website for comments and spam that has attached to the website. We clean it for efficient performance.

    6. Website Updates

    • a. Update any page requests you may have and make sure linking is correct.
    • b. Input photos or videos into the website so they are correctly placed and inline with HTML coding.

    7. The functionality of the Website

    • a. Test and check opt-in forms and check the functionality of any form or added web asset.

    8. Website Hosting

    • The website is hosted with us on our servers unless you have your own setup and would like to keep it there or have a pre-paid plan that does not need to be interrupted.

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